Infrared Red Light Therapy Belt

$189.00 USD

♦ 260pcs medical-grade LEDs include 520pcs lights that provide red light and IR rays (infrared) with wavelengths of 660nm: 850nm=1:1.
♦ High quality material, exquisite craftsmanship, advanced control system with 7 pulse frequencies, 5 dimmer gears, 5-30 minutes timer option.
♦ Set up your own therapy program to meet all kinds of light therapy demand, helping relax muscles, promote blood circulation and metabolism, improve skin health, and relieve pain, etc.
♦ Flexible and comfortable to wear or wrap around the shoulder, waist, abdomen, arms, legs with a big size of L600mm x W200mm (L23.5″ x W7.8″). Portable and two power source designs for the most ease to use, you can enjoy light therapy not only through a fixed power outlet, but also through a power bank.

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