Infrared Red Light Therapy Panel 300 LEDs

$499.00 USD

High-irradiance LED light therapy panel, applying first-class LEDs, high-definition and heat-resistant lenses. Fully flat frame for safe use. Patented hydrodynamic heating dissipation technology, silent cooling fans. Safe, reliable and sophisticated. Wider body can cover your half body well.

LEDs: 300pcs
Wavelengths: 5, Red 630nm/660nm + NIR 810nm/830nm/850nm.
Photon Modes: Only red, only near-infrared (NIR), or both.
Timing Setting: 1-30 minutes.
Usage Methods: Wall hanging or mobile stand.
Benefits: Immue system promotion, joint pain relief, muscle strength recovery, anti-aging and more.
Application: Home, health recovery center, derma clinic, sports institute, beauty salon, etc.

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