Red Light Therapy Device for Pain and Home Use

$399.00$526.00 USD

The Red Light Therapy Lamp is the cornerstone of our larger lamps. It uses high-quality 70pcs red and infrared LEDs to ensure optimal light penetration and irradiance. Red Light and Near Infrared Rays (NIR) can be selected separately or simultaneously and light brightness can be adjusted to cater to your individual needs.

More options for more favorable experience and effects, including lamp beads of 3W or 5W dual chip, spectrums at 660nm Red + 850nm NIR of dual waveband or five-waveband at 630nm Red + 660nm Red + 810nm NIR + 830nm NIR + 850nm NIR, and adjustable tabletop stand for easy use.

Patented elaborate appearance and efficient heat dissipation system design for more safe, reliable and durable properties. It will help you boost your immune system, improve insomnia, heal wounds, anti-aging, muscle recovery, joint pain relief, mood enhancement and more.

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