Our Infrared Red Light (IRL) team integrates the design, production, QA and sales of red light physiotherapy device. It has a complete scientific quality management system, has experienced industry professionals, and a one-stop service for product design supports OEM or ODM customization.

How do IRL guarantee the quality?
1. We have completed the FDA establishment registration and device listing. Our products are all qualified with CE, FCC, ROHS and continue to update the certification terms when there are new certification regulations to ensure that we are a fully compliant red light device manufacturer with the market requirements.

2. We have strong design and R&D capability. We pay special attention to advanced, friendly, practical and exquisite designs. Through the joint efforts of our engineers, we have obtained several significant patents, such as lamp appearance, cooling system and acrylic protection panel. We believe that our production process and technology can move with the times in the evolving market. Refer to the OEM/ODM requirements of our customers, our strong engineering team will co-work and provide professional engineering design solutions.

3. Raw materials are guaranteed. Our IQC will control the quality of every lot of raw material. When we produce and process products, we have strict quality review standards, and in the face of global buyers, we will make our products meet the requirements according to the relevant laws and environmental standards of the exporting countries.

4. Long warranty period. ​For quality problems that are IRL’s responsibility after the picture or video confirmation, they will be repaired or replaced at no charge to customers. The warranty period is 1 year for pads and 3 years for lamps.

5. We have a strict QC system to ensure the quality of our products. Including order info. checking, IQC confirmation of all of material, whole product process review and OQC confirming.

6. Prompt and efficient solving process for production quality problems. If a quality problem happens, QC will ask relevant departments to have a meeting and study the root cause within 1 hour and give the solution at the soonest, then PMC will follow-up and give the feedback. Besides, the corresponding responsible person and department will be required to make the record and give improvement measures to prevent the same problem from happening again. QC colleagues will check whether they followed their improvement plan.

7. Handling process for quality problems from customers. When customer puts forward the detailed information, including the defect phenomenon and quantity, our quality department will organize internal meeting to analyse and find out the root cause and give sales department a reply in time, and then the sales person passes the feedback of solution to customer. Internal actions will be followed up to do as solution plan by the sales and quality department.

8. Return processing. After clarifying the quality problem, if customer needs to return goods, we will provide customer a return form to confirm the return details, we will check the details with real goods after receiving, then make refunds or deliver replacement ASAP.