ALUMINUM ALLOY BODY. Excellent anti-oxidation and heat dissipation ability.
PATENT APPEARANCE. Simple and elegant lines, no side holes, no bulge of screws, humanized design.
PATENT HEATING DISSIPATION SYSTEM. Perfect “stay cooling” technology, friendly to LEDs, more durable. Built-in silent fans and cooling fins, honeycomb heating vents in the rear.
PATENT ACRYLIC PANEL. Protect all LEDs and lens in a good conditon
QUALITY MATERIALS. 38mil and 42mil LED chips, extra dust-proof acrylic panel to protect LEDs, water-proof power supply and AWG wires for stable performance.
OPTIONAL WAVEBAND. 2 waveband or 5 waveband.
Maximize the customization of your phototherapy program through the control system of 3 light modes (Red + NIR, Red, NIR), 5-level light brightness, 6-level pulse frequency, and 5-level timing function.