Largest Infrared Light Therapy Device with Versatile Stand

$3,799.00 USD

The largest red light therapy panel for the full body applied 840pcs high quality LEDs that emit both red and near infrared lights (NIR) at 630nm + 660nm + 810nm + 830nm + 850nm.

Adequate size of 1717 x 415 x 71mm (67.6 x 16.3 x 2.79in), timing function of 5-30 minutes, dimmer function of 20-100%, adjustable pulse frequencies from 10-587Hz, as well as 3 photon modes (RED, NIR, RED+NIR) for your selection.

Sophisticated technology, rational construction, superior quality, competitive price and exquisite appearance with classical black aluminum alloys texture will be your wise choice for your home or business.

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