Full Body Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy Panel

$2,099.00 USD

560 LEDs with a large size of 1159 x 415 x 71mm (45.6 x 16.3 x 2.79in) will cover most of your body, emitting 5-waveband at 630/660nm red + 810/830/850nm infrared, and give better effects for immune boosting, insomnia improving, skin wounds healing, anti-aging, muscle recovery, joint pain relief, mood enhancement and more.

Moreover, you can select the light mode with only red, only infared and both, select the light power by dimmer button from 20% to 100%, select pulse frequencies from 10Hz to 587Hz, and select the operation period by timer button. By viewing more details, you will find a safe, reliable and surprising device.

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