Large Infrared Light Therapy Belt with TENS

$269.00 USD

1) 360pcs medical-grade LEDs include 1080pcs chips that provide red light and infrared rays with wavelengths of 660nm : 850nm = 1 : 2.
2) Red light, infrared and both can be conveniently selected by the corresponding button.
3) 1-999Hz pulse frequencies and 10 gears dimmer options for customizing your therapy program.
4) With display screen design, you will easily know your settings. Quality materials without strange smells, bringing the best therapy experience.
5) Flexible and comfortable to wear or wrap around the back, waist, abdomen, legs with a large size of L800mm x W300mm (L31.5″ x W11.8″). You can enjoy light therapy anywhere and anytime with a power bank, just like in your car or exercise.

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