Infrared Light Therapy Pad

$899.00 USD

The biggest pad is designed with a full body size of L 1800 x W 600mm (70.86 x 23.62in), providing you with a full body red light therapy. 1440pcs LEDs with dual chip combination design of emitting 660nm wavelength red light and 850nm wavelength near infrared light. You can lay down on it and enjoy your relaxing and rehabilitation time wherever you put it on your floor, bed, or couch, without worrying about over-therapy becausre since it has a timing function of 10/20/30 minutes. The photon light will penetrate deep into your body and provide more sunlight heat for your health. Together with pulse function and adjutable heat design, excellent effect on skin problems healing, weight loss, pain and fatigue relief. It can also be selected for your horse as it is large enough.

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